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  •  I've finally gone and made a post up on this thing that's a sorry excuse for a journal. New Year and all I thought I'd better make a little mark here.
  • New Layout. I love a guy who can make fun of himself. Says all you need to know really doesn't it!
  • Listen to 'The View' they're a new Scottish indie band who are really somethin' else. Cute members + Catchy songs :D
  • There's way too many new albums being released this year. I shall be so damn broke as a joke. Bloc Party, Fall Out Boy, The View, Kings Of Leon, Kaiser Chiefs, Klaxons etc the list just continues to grow.
  • D   A   N   E     C   O   O   K !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tags: fall out boy, music, new layout, the view
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